Our Two Bedroom Story: The Proposal ~Epilogue~ Minato
Plot: You and Minato decide to enjoy your limited time together tomthe fullest by going on a date to the ruins! but you both get left behind in a dark forest…The two of you can easily overcome this situation…right?

In Your Arms Tonight: Main Story: Tuskasa
Plot: Sweet and persistent Tsukasa is now here! A friendly art student helps you recover from your divorce, but he suddenly turns cold…!?

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Whenever I have a friend over

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Coming stories in late July:
In Your Arms Tonight: A day with Genji and Soji:
Plot: The alpha-male Genji and the blunt Soji. “A day with him” Stories are now here. Your heart will be all day 24 hours.

10 days with My Devil: Sequel-Tsubasa:
Plot: Tsubada has lost his powers as an angel but he is still a famous model. Now he Is looking forward to expanding his carrer to acting. Will your relationship survive the change?


My Forged Wedding Party

I just gained a level in My Forged Wedding: PARTY! What about you? #MyForgedWeddingPARTY


Kare One Grand Prix interim Report 1:

No.1 Hiroshi Kirisawa 14089
No.2 Ryoichi Hirose 13988
No.3 Eisuke Ichinomiya 10832

#4 Hideki Ishigami 9672
#5 Tadanobu Nomura 9577
#6 Seiji Goto 9193
#7 Takuto Hirukawa 8571
#8 Yamato Kogami 7855
#9 Soryu Oh 7713
#10 Yuki Arisugawa 7661

#11 Subaru Ichiyanagi 6516
#12 Minato Okouchi 5495
#13 Ivan 5414
#14 Reb Shibasaki  5409
#15 Satsuki Kitaohu 5232
#16 Ichigo Sato 5226
#17 Akito Kakiuchi 5187
#18 Eiki Yachigusa 5015
#19 Sousuke Kikuchi 5012
#20 Miyabi 4789

#21 Chikage 4740
#22 Aki Fujishima 4691
#23 Hibiki Shiina 4636
#24 Kaoru Kirishima 4587
#25 Will 4544


Hi guys, thank you so much for many followers. Guess what tomorrow is my birthday!!!!! For Americans, it is after 4th of July, I am turning 17….pretty close tp early adulthood :)

Photo Set

真実の恋は甘い嘘から (True Love From the Sweet Lies)
Rui Wakaba’s CGs

*The last CG is from the Bitte End

Photo Set

真実の恋は甘い嘘から (True Love from The Sweet Lie)
Sakuya Nanahoshi’s CGs

*The last CG is from the Butter End

Photo Set

真実の恋は甘い嘘から (True Love From The Sweet Lie)
Kiyoharu Nanahoshi’ CGs

*The last CG is from the Bitter End

Photo Set

真実の恋は甘い嘘から (True Love from A Sweet Lie)
Pictures are from “Friends Campaign”